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An ODE to Healers

It’s strange and miraculous how people come into our lives. We are each like celestial objects hurtling through space until our trajectories cross. Sometimes we collide, violently. Sometimes the dust of our comet tails intermix. And we move on, on our courses, but we are forever changed.

When I met Paul I was at a low point in my life but that was ten years ago and since then things have gotten better. During this time I encountered many angels, many helpers, whose kindness and friendship contributed greatly to my well-being. Paul was (is) one of those angels. He is a helper, a benevolent force of good, and when I would see him I would feel his energy and my state of mind would improve. He’s the kind of person I want in my orbit.

Paul is a healer. But he’s not arrogant about it. There’s no ego there. It’s true that he’s a dog whisperer, but he’s a heart whisperer too. Dogs. humans, it doesn’t matter, where there is a need for love and understanding, he fills it.

I remember recently that I was in a fragile, funky space and he offered to to do some somatic sound healing work on me so I visited him in his apartment and he really made a difference. I left that day feeling much better, That’s when I took this photo. Paul creates a safe, loving space and manifests a presence that is life-affirming. He has a true gift. Just thinking about him and our experience together calms me and fills me with joy.

I offered to do this ODE for him because he was so kind to me and also he has such a great mission, a great purpose in this life, that he just needs to be seen. He is here to help. And we need more helpers.

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