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Soul Houses

Housed in these packages our souls haunt the earth accumulating wisdom and experience like snowballs until they move on to who-knows-where? Other packages? Other planes of existence? It’s all too mysterious to absorb but I like to think about it. And when I take a photo, do a portrait, I am all too aware that pictures are not just pictures. Faces are more than faces. We are so much more than what we see.

Why does this matter? How is this relevant to the About Us page? Well, we are not automatons. We are not ants. We choose where we work, many of us. and that choice is reflected in our values, and our hearts. When I go to an About Us page I want to feel something. I want to feel passion and concern and all the human values that add up to what a company can be.

That’s why I don’t just take pictures. That’s why I invest time in each person to help bring out their best selves. My photos have depth, and emotion, they contain three dimensional human beings. I’m not interested in flat, uniform, yearbook photos. I don’t care if the page looks aesthetically correct because the page doesn’t matter - the people do. Besides, you can have both an aesthetically pleasing page AND interesting, sticky, human photos, like the ones I did for DBI, or which the photo above (below) is an example.

Let’s talk about how I can create a look for your team that shows them as people AND conveys a unique aesthetic to your overall design. I’ll work with your designer to come up with something that will please everyone. And in the end we will see your people as the unique beautiful human beings that they are.

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