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    They are engineers, coders, programmers, sales-people, marketers. And they are iconoclasts.


    npm is a unique and cutting edge tech firm, not just because of what they do, but because of who they are.


    When it came time to create a new website the About page called for more than just standard corporate headshots. These folks aren't heads, they're hearts, minds and souls. And this was more than just a website update, this was a celebration of corporate culture.


    I wanted to do something interesting for these very special people. So I found some antique beam-skins salvaged from a late 19th century Wisconsin farmhouse and transformed the npm conference room into sunlit Midwestern barn.


    I shot [photographed] 21 people in a single day with a minimum of disruption and kept it all on-site. No lights. No wires. No fuss.


    Your team is special too. Don't cheat them out of the recognition they deserve. They're not investment bankers, they're rock stars. Don't give them a passport photo, give them an album cover.

    A Team Unrivaled