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“The serial number of a human specimen is the face, that accidental and unrepeatable combination of features. It reflects neither character nor soul, nor what we call the self. The face is only the serial number of a specimen” 

~ Milan Kundera, Immortality


You blog. You speak at conferences. You rely on social media to network and connect. Your image is important. 


Scores of Salesforce employees represent the company at tradeshows and events. Many share their expertise on blogs and LinkedIn. Their photographs matter. The day of the  Selfie profile photo are gone. 


The Light House shot over 30 Salesforce luminaries, in natural light, with unique backgrounds, yielding a wide assortment of looks for promotional use across social media. The results speak for themselves. These are people who take their jobs seriously. These are people you want to spend time with.


You shine. We capture the light. 





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