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The Process of a Light House Portrait Session


We begin with an initial consultation to determine your vision and to discuss possible locations. Natural settings in available light yield the best results. Mornings, before 10am and late afternoons during the Golden Hour, offer the softest, most flattering light. 


Success in capturing something magic requires a minimum of an hour  - it may take longer, or less. 


Please email us for session pricing. We ask for payment at the conclusion of your session and take all major credit cards, personal check and PayPal. 


We will post your photos to a private gallery within 72 hours.


Images are delivered as high-resolution digital files. We do not provide prints unless you're interested in purchasing large, archival quality prints.


*A 50% fee will be charged for cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment













Some Thoughts on Portraits


You're a person, not a picture. You are filled with light. You are a light house . A successful portrait reveals this inner light.


A portrait doesn't prove who you are, it reflects something deeper. It captures a vital essence beyond your body, beyond your face, yet contained within it. A photographer can't make you beautiful. You already are beautiful. We're here to reveal it.


The photographer brings a certain sensitivity to this process. He or she harmonizes with you. An exchange occurs between the person behind the camera and the one in front of it. It's a dance. It's a collaboration .


Portraiture is an organic process. It's an interplay of fragile variables. It takes time. It requires the right light, and the right location. Most importantly, it requires openness and trust.


We hope his will help you understand how we approach a portrait session. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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