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Honest Witness

You earned your acronym. You worked hard for it. You are to be congratulated, and celebrated, not for your title, but for your human qualities. You are a person. You may manage a team but you’re also a member of that team. Let that human side shine.

Look at me, look into the camera lens because those are the eyes of all the people you work with, and will work with. The difference between a portrait and a headshot is that in a portrait you are looking, not being looked at. You are listening, and open. The energy and attention comes from you, not to you.

I don’t do headshots. Not because I turn my nose up at them but because my style engages the subject in a way that turns the energy in the other direction. I draw out and absorb energy. Not that I have any special skill or powers. It’s just that that’s my style, developed organically over thousands of portraits.

The world needs more listening. The world needs more real people. The world needs more honest witnesses. That’s what I do, I recognize honest witnesses.

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