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“ Life is not significant details, illuminated by a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are."


Susan Sontag




A Most Uncorporate Event Demands a Creative Corporate Photographer

Silicon Valley High Tech firms are renowned for their eclectic cultures. Game companies in particular seem to fuel their inspiration from the unique personalities sewn into their rebel, start-up roots. To draw talent you've got to be cool and you've got to be fun. GREE, a leader in the explosive world of mobile gaming, is both. 


Companies like GREE grow fast. People come, and people go, and their story evolves. And that's really what these inventive, cutting-edge tech companies are - they're stories, each as nuanced and dramatic as a great film or a good book. 


Documenting these stories in photographs is what we do. 


GREE brought The Light House in to capture their annual Halloween party last October. Because moments like these are memorable, but fleeting. When you've built a team of such inventive, creative people, you want to have more than a few iPhone cameras around for events like this. 


Great photographs convey great places to work. Recruit, retain, remember. Tell your story with pictures.

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