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Photo Tips for Men

Men, if you’ve already made the decision to get your photo done (for social media, dating sites, LinkedIN etc.) there are a few things that will help you get the most out of the experience. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of portraits and here’s what I’ve found to be the best way to prepare for yours.

  1. Choose a photographer whose portfolio of work you admire, someone who inspires you, someone you think you can get along with. It’s like choosing a doctor, bedside manner counts. Communication between you and your photographer is not just verbal. You’re looking for chemistry.

  2. Choose a location that resonates with your personality, and preferably offers a variety of textures and lighting ‘zones’. In the example above we chose the Golden Gate Bridge, which gave us many options for spontaneous ‘scenes’. The environment will seep into you, and enhance your on-camera personality.

  3. In terms of wardrobe go for a classic, timeless look. Solid colors, clean lines, a well-fitted style. Wear something you love yourself in, something that makes you feel like a superhero. A layered look works well. Consult with your photographer.

  4. Shave if your clean-shaven and attend to you personal grooming - that means nose and ear hairs.

  5. Get a haircut.

  6. Own yourself. No matter who you are or how old you are or how much you weigh you must exude confidence. This is the single most important tip I can give you. You’ve got to love yourself. Practice in front of the mirror if you have to. You’ve already decided that you’re going to update your photos so you’re halfway there. Obviously you care about how you come across. Whatever mindset you carry with you into the photo shoot will convey in the photographs. Fake it if you have to but just be aware of your inner light, your energy. It sounds corny but it’s true.

  7. Show up and be present. It’s kind of like a stage performance. Psych yourself up for that. On the day of play that Rocky theme song or whatever it takes to stoke you up. Portrait photography is 50% emotion. This is the big game. And that’s my half-time speech.

Remember that (most of the time) you are seen online long before you are seen in the flesh. You want to make the best first impression you can. Clothing matters, light matters, but what matters more is your intention, your purpose. So even if it’s a selfie shot with a mobile phone you can use these tips to get more out of the photos. Good luck men.

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