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A company is made of people. It is the people who define the brand. If you can feel the passion, feel the zeal, your connection to that brand will be authentic. You can’t believe in a logo. You believe in human beings. Sometimes that begins with a photograph.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph brilliant people at companies large and small. From start-ups to industry leaders I’ve played a small role in capturing the magic behind the brands.

My specialty is in corporate portraits. About Us pages. Speaker bios. It doesn’t matter the size of the company. All that matters is that the people love what they do. Because that passion can be captured. In fact, if it’s real, it can’t b contained.

I specialize in portraits. Not so much headshots, but authentic, real, true photographs that capture the essence of a person. I'm especially good with people who don't like their picture taken. The process of a portrait involves a conversation. The result is a natural photograph. I don't shoot in a studio, I don't use artificial lights. I find that sunlight and natural surroundings bring out the very best in a person. I use intuition, and synchronicity to create lasting memories, compelling images, photos that grab your attention and hold it.

My work strives for something painterly, a classic look that is timeless. I see the light and the beauty in all people. I can help find it in you and yours.

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