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The Ubiquitous You

Each person is unique, but each person is connected to every other and has more similarities than differences. Without over-stating it (actually without stating it at all) that is what I try and communicate. Without realizing it, I want you to see yourself in every face.

It’s strange how what we notice first about someone are the differences. In an instant we perceive how we are not alike. Those differences are, in that fleeting moment, purely physical. Skin color. Body type. Ethnicity. Age. That is what our eyes are trained to do, that’s what they evolved to do. It seems to me that we could solve many problems if we saw less with our eyes and more with our hearts,

It’s easier to do that when we’re honest in how we come across in something as facile as a photograph. We live now in a world where photographs are ubiquitous. They’re often what we first see of each other now. So they’re important. They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression but I don’t think that’s true. However, if that first impression is going to be made online - on LinkedIN or on an About Us page - it’s better to be three dimensional rather than two.

Some of you will care about this and others won’t. But it’s my mission to help reveal human beings, not cardboard cutouts. I have a style and approach that so far has worked well and that includes natural light, interesting backgrounds, and a personal touch that combines curiosity, compassion, and commitment.

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