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You, Classic

If you’re reading this then my strategy worked. I shot a photograph intriguing enough to pique your curiosity. This particular location gets good light and every portrait I do here is intriguing. They (the photos I take here) look more like paintings than photographs and that’s a quality I strive for.

It’s a certain timeless, classic look. Fifty years from now you can look back on this and it will feel just as alive. That’s my goal, to take photos that will stand the test of time, not appear dated, and convey the vital essence of a person. I don’t always succeed. But I succeed often enough to know that I’m onto something. This is no fluke.

I think that this approach is just as valid for corporate headshots as it is for personal ones. I think that LinkedIN is the perfect venue for pictures that reach out through the screen and grab hold of you. I look at hundreds, no thousands, of LinkedIN profiles and the ones that really grab my attention are the ones where the person has given careful consideration to their photo.

So whether it’s an About Us page or a bio portrait or a social media profile, I want to create something timeless and classic that will not just help you stand out but represent you authentically. You are art. You are classic. Your photograph should, I think, communicate that.

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