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Be mindful. Be curious. Dance.

To see a person, to enter their orbit and really see them, is the greatest privilege there is in this life. To listen to the story of another human being is to listen to your own.

I met Maggie through Michele Turner, and together we wandered high up into the Marin Headlands where there was this one abandoned bunker, this one old WW II gun emplacement, that I remembered had exquisite light. It was not easy to get to this place.

I did two ODEs for her and this one has never been seen. This is from that bunker with the good light and I love it because Maggie is looking off in the distance, not at the camera as is usually the case in these ODEs. The words around her are like thought bubbles that describe so much of who she is. Be open. Be mindful. Be curious. Dance.

Maggie’s was one of the very first ODEs, and she positively glows. She helps people connect joyously to work and relationships through an expressive form of somatic therapy that you can learn about at

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