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    Halloween at GREE

    December 2, 2014

    When you're a hot, fast-growing tech company time flies at the speed of light. Your culture changes, people come and go, and before you know it, it's all just a blur of memories. 


    Each start-up, as it grows and evolves, develops its own brand of special magic. It's a combination of people, ideas and products that creates a living personality. It only happens once. And every one is unique. 


    GREE is one of the hottest mobile gaming companies in the world. Their San Francisco office is famously hip and fun to work in. When GREE approached The Light House to ask us to help them capture their culture we took one look at their spacious, fabulously appointed and well-lit office and said 'We're in.'


    Last month we shot the GREE annual Halloween party, capturing employees and their families dressed up for what turned out to be an impressive costume contest. Above is the winner for most creative costume. 


    It's moments like these that we love. because we get to be part of the family, if only for a night. Think of the Light House as a documentarian that captures pieces of a unique story. We'll capture whatever it is you wish to save for posterity. 


    We'd like to thank the people of GREE for their spirit, generosity and trust. Our photos are only as good as you are. And you...are great. 






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