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The Light House is ON

We are so happy. Why? Because we get to work with people like Thad Vogler, owner of Trou Normand and Bar Agricole in San Francisco. When you spend as much time and money as Thad and his team have to create such beautiful spaces and exquisite menus you want stunning promotional imagery for your web presence and the press to show it off. The Light House spent three days observing and photographing these spectacular restaurants. And we couldn't be happier with the results.

In establishments such as these, the details matter. From one-of-a-kind bathroom sinks to light fixtures that look like works of art. These two restaurants were meticulously designed to capture light and convey a tone. And that was our job - to convey that tone and reflect that light. Anybody can come in and grab the low-hanging fruit. But we climb up high into the tree for the rare gems that others don't see.

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