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People assume I’m some sort of poet or artist but what I really love to do are team photos - portraits of people who work together. I’ll do your About Us page, your speaker bios, your LinkedIN photos, your C-Level execs.

About Us is more than words. It better be. You’ve heard the axiom show, don’t tell. You can say whatever you want about your people but if it doesn’t show up in their photos it will ring hollow and people won’t care.

About Us conveys the spirit and energy behind a brand. It’s supposed to make people feel like they know you. You want perspective employees to visualize themselves there. And potential clients to want to know you. About Us is your own zeitgeist. It has to feel good.

I can help you feel good. I can help you exude joy. I can help you to capture that energy that lets people know you’re the real deal.

For the NPM shoot (of which the above photo is a representative slice) I was working with a generic conference room. But it had good natural light, good northern exposure. So I went out and sourced a background from a salvage yard - 19th century beamskins from an Ohio barn. The rich textural wood created a tone that really grounded this tech firm. It created a juxtaposition of the cutting edge with the agrarian past. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the people blossomed and their energy shined. So when you go to their About Us page (at least the last time I checked) you see warm, friendly, happy human beings. And as a recruitment tool, you can’t really put a price on that.

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