Be content with what you have;

rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking,

the whole world belongs to you.


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June 26, 2019

I tell people always not to worry about their skin or their hair. The focal point in any portrait is your eyes. There’s not much you can do to affect them, but you can hold the truth in your heart, the truth about who you are. Your eyes cannot hide you. They can’t be Photoshopped. They can’t be faked. So just look at me and breathe, I say. Show me who you are. This is not really a conscious choice but you can set intent. And intent shines through.

I can provide you with a focal point. All you need to do is relate to me. Just be present and talk to me. Or I can talk to you. Whatever works for you. A portrait is a conversation, or part of one. It’s one side of a conversation, and you can glean the energy and the veracity of that conversation by looking at the results. You can’t be authentic for me if I’m not authentic for you. 

So the onus is on me to create space for that. My intent must be open and focused on you. And I have to be real. I can’t fake it either. If your portrait fails I ta...

June 7, 2019

The eyes, they say, are the windows of the soul. The portals, the doorways, the access points through which we feel a human being. There’s something about the shape of them, the way they set off a face. We can tell in an instant the demeanor of the person we’re looking at. We can sort of see into their heart. How does this happen?

It’s more than just mood. You can certainly gauge a person’s mood. But it goes deeper. You can also assess their intent, their goodness, they’re stability. People often say to me “I can’t do photos until I lose some weight.” But it’s not your belly I care about. It’s not your arms. All I want to see is your eyes and their size doesn’t fluctuate. You’re born with the eyes you will always have. That’s what I want to capture, that childlike look in your eyes.

I understand that you want to feel good about yourself/your body. If you don’t it will show in your photo. But fat doesn’t matter. Confidence does. All you have to worry about is being your authentic self. Sh...

September 28, 2018

What if we only looked at each other’s eyes and nothing else? Forget the head and the body and the skin. Our eyes, those soul gateways, are the common denominator between us. You can’t tell a person’s religion from their eyes alone. Or their political party. Or even their sex. When you look a person in the eye, you are connecting to their heart and seeing beyond mere visual perception.

A portrait begins like this. I look into a person’s eyes. I see them. I listen. By the time the camera is raised they have already gotten to know me as I truly am. We are well on our way to establishing a connection.

The best portraits, the most effective, happen organically when talking and walking. Like the portrait above. We were simply walking through the neighborhood surrounding Brian’s office when I happened to see this old house with a perfect lightscape. But we had been talking, and getting to know one another. So when the moment presented itself we were ready. He was comfortable and not afraid to...

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